What is a Means-Tested Fee?

The Commonwealth Government income tests all care recipients permanently entering any residential aged care facility. This fee is determined by Centrelink and is based on a calculation of deemed income and assets and is “capped” by Commonwealth Government regulations. The facility does not get this fee.

Can my family pet visit me?

Yes, family pets are welcomed to visit but must be under supervision at all times. However pets are not permitted to stay overnight.

Can I have a telephone connected in my room?

Yes, simply contact the service provider to arrange for the connection. The service provider will bill the care recipient or nominated person directly.

Can I continue to see my own doctor?

You have the right to be attended to by a doctor of your choice. It’s not our decision to make. Some doctors may be unable to visit our facility. We can provide you a list of the doctors who currently visit our facility if you require.

May I come and go as I please?

You have all the same rights as a care recipient here as you do in your own home. Provided you are able, you can enjoy all the freedom you would at home.

What type of care am I eligible for?

In order to receive government support for residential aged care you’ll need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This assessment will approve eligibility for residential aged care.

May I bring some personal belongings?

You may bring personal belongings to personalise your room. For safety of all care recipients, staff and visitors it is important that items of furniture be discussed and agreed to by both the care recipient and the Facility prior to admission.

To assist in preventing personal belongings being misplaced or lost, it is requested that they are all clearly marked with your name.

All due care is taken of these items but the Facility cannot be held responsible for loss or breakage.

May I have visitors whenever I wish?

Relatives and friends are welcome to visit anytime. In addition to your own room there are other areas available for receiving visitors.